About Me

I’ll start with you, because it’s courteous.

There is only one thing you really need to remember: I see you as completely worthless if you are so submissive that you cannot make decisions when the option is presented.

Worthless.  A respirating  skin bag with an audio track.  Nothing more.

The first choice I offer is always free with no strings attached. Don’t expect the  same from any subsequent ones.

I prefer styles of play that tend to be a bit more elaborate.  Ask questions.  Yes.

I’m in my late twenties and almost dangerously patient. If you ask too many of the wrong questions,  you’ll quickly learn why that type of thing isn’t the best thing to do.

femdom cfnm

The kinky, twisted fetish experiences you crave. The femdom sessions you need.


I’ll introduce you to parts  of yourself you weren’t aware of.

The  portions trembling with a need for a strong enough release that you just know will send them back below so you can go about normalcy.


Types of Domination Phone Sex Sessions I enjoy:




Chastity/Orgasm Denial

Cuckold Fantasies/Experiences



Fetish Field Trips

Forced Bisexuality

Guided Masturbation


Life Management

Squelching/ Forced Masturbation

Sensory Deprivation

Sex Toy Test Dummy/Insertions

Sissification/Forced Feminization

Strap-On Play


See My Members Only Area for Schedule and other fun stuff.